Welcome to the Daffodil International University Student Portal.The Daffodil International University Student Portal provides a single point of access to online university services and information for students.The portal can be accessed from any where in the world by using any device which have a web browser.

Q1:How to Login?

Answer: Use Your Email(provided by Daffodil International University) and Password

Q2:Forget password?

Answer: Click on forget Password button to insert your Email(provided by Daffodil International University) then click send. An Email delivered to your email. Check Your Email inbox and spam box. There is a link in the email.Click on that link to reset your password.

Q3:How to complete Registration?

  • Add a course:
  • After login Click on pre-registration from top menu.On pre-registration page click on this sign to see sections of that course.Then click add course button.

  • Drop a course:
  • To drop a course click this X sign on the course box at Taken Courses area.

  • Complete registration:
  • To complete the registration click on the button.

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